Fellowship and a Whole Lot More!

Yes, we do fellowship here — and a whole lot more. Check it out!


Check out these three quick takes on what our members love about the Apologetics Fellowship. And see below for more…


We do conferences here. Honestly, God has opened incredible doors, far beyond what we would have asked or imagined. Up until a couple years ago it was hard to find an apologetics-related event in southwest Ohio. Not anymore! In less than two years, the Apologetics Fellowship has been a key catalyst in bringing these conferences and speakers to our area:

And when speakers have come to town for other events, like Frank Turek at the University of Cincinnati, or Paul Gould at South Dayton Presbyterian Church, we’ve brought carloads along to take part!


We support churches in apologetics training. Christian Life Center Dayton has been holding great “thinking Christianity” courses, led by their members who are also Apologetics Fellowship members, and with a lot of guest teaching from others in the Fellowship. The same goes for Faith Community United Methodist in West Chester.

We’d love to help you add your church to that list!

What We Mean by “Fellowship”

Fellowship for us means great conversation going deep on significant topics. We don’t mind facing the challenges of the day — questions about the Bible’s truth or trustworthiness, ethical issues, controversies over faith and science, concerns about what the Bible really means — it’s all part of who we are and what we do.

That means, too, we’re open to serious questions. At our core, we’re convinced of the full truth and authority of God’s Word, but we’re happy to have you join in, speak up, and raise your own questions if you’re not convinced. We’ll listen, first of all, and we’ll take your questions seriously. All we ask is that they are serious questions, not debate points. We’ll treat you with more respect than to “debate” you, and we ask you to do the same with us.