Are you a thinking Christian?

Do you love going deeper into the truths of the faith, what they mean, and how we know they’re true?

If you’re serious about discipleship of the mind, or if you’re looking to discover it’s all about, we have a home for you! Fellowship, and a whole lot more! We host conferences. We can connect you with classes.  We do training.

Our main meeting happens every month, 10 am on the second Saturday of every month. Our Saturday sessions are  true fellowship times, with loads of interaction, not to mention coffee and bagels. Everyone is welcome, whether you feel like you’re far along in Christian apologetics, just exploring it for the first time, or anything in between. (Check the events list in the sidebar for more info on where and when.)

Check out these three quick-take videos from members
telling why they love the Apologetics Fellowship!

Read our about page to find out more. And be sure to watch Tom Gilson’s welcome here: